Professional Debt Relief & Foreclosure Defense Services


Struggling with debt can be overwhelming. Constant harassment from bill collectors, the threat of lawsuit, foreclosure or repossession can leave you feeling short of breath or lying awake at night.

Bankruptcy offers immediate relief and can eliminate most debts in as few as 4 months. There are also many options for homeowners facing foreclosure, all of which provide a temporary delay of state court proceedings.  

No More Phone Calls

Stop harassing collection calls and letters immediately upon filing.

Debt Elimination

Completely eliminate credit cards, medical bills, personal/bank loans and many other debts in as little as 4 months.

Put An End To Collection

Lawsuits, judgments, wage garnishments, bank levies, repossessions, foreclosures and sheriff’s sale will immediately suspend.

Lower Car Payments

Reduce monthly car payments (in Chapter 13 only)

Debt Restructuring

Repay some or all of your debts over time with an income-based plan.

Foreclosure Options

Delay sheriff’s sale for up to four months, without payment and without proving cause or hardship to a judge; OR
Resume your mortgage payments, and end the foreclosure process by catching up on missed payments over time ; AND
Modify your mortgage through the federal bankruptcy Loss Mitigation Program;
Reduce or eliminate second mortgages and home equity loans on qualifying property

Bankruptcy Options

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 provides a truly fresh start by eliminating your prior debts and allowing you to keep most or all of your assets. Most cases are concluded within 4 months. For more information on Chapter 7, please see the FAQ page or call for a free consultation.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 provides breathing room for those who need a little time to get their financial affairs in order. You can press ‘pause’ on lawsuits, foreclosures and repossessions while you work out a new payment plan. For more information on Chapter 13, please see the FAQ page or call for a free consultation.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 provides an opportunity for businesses to reorganize their debts, maximize their cash flow and stay in business through hard times. Chapter 11 is highly complex and therefore information is only provided during an in-person consultation.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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Foreclosure Defense/Mortgage Modification

Bankruptcy offers an alternative to standard foreclose defense methods through the Loss Mitigation Program. Homeowners can apply for modification under the watchful eye of the federal court.
In or out of bankruptcy, correctly preparing a mortgage modification application can mean the difference between saving your home and losing it at a sheriff’s sale. For more information on mortgage modification, please see the FAQ page or call for a free consultation.

Foreclosure Defense/Mortgage Modification

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About Leah E. Capece

Since 2012 I have devoted much of my practice to providing debt relief and foreclosure prevention to individuals and small businesses throughout New Jersey.

Harassing phone calls, intimidating collection letters, and the threat of foreclosure and repossession can become overwhelming and frustrating; Finding the right solution can be confusing.

For anyone experiencing this kind of financial hardship, it is important to know that help is readily available. Therefore, I make it my priority to bring relief and understanding to my clients, quickly and affordably. Together with one-on-one counseling, bankruptcy provides a fresh start to immediately improve almost any situation.

I grew up in the “Peterstown” neighborhood of Elizabeth, where my family has called home since 1901. Before starting my own practice, I worked for various law firms after graduating, with Honors, from Rutgers Law School-Newark in 2008. Prior to law school, I obtained a B.A. in Criminal Justice from Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, graduating with High Honors.

I devote many hours each year to the Honorable Morris Stern Pro Bono Bankruptcy Project and attend the annual Bench-Bar Conference for continuing bankruptcy education.

About My Assistant

Allyssa Austin (legal assistant) serves as a liaison for the Firm’s clients, aiding them in gathering the many documents needed for the preparation of their bankruptcy petitions and mortgage modification applications. She carefully explains the process and assists clients with empathy, professionalism and patience. An aspiring doctor, Allyssa graduated from William Paterson University in 2019 with a B.S. in Biology. Allyssa was raised in various parts of the country, giving her a diverse perspective of the world. Since moving to New Jersey in 2011, she has cultivated deep-rooted relationships, and plans to attend medical school to continue serving the community as a medical doctor in the future.