• Non-Essential Workers: You Are Heroes, Too
    What exactly does it mean to be an “essential worker”?  Perhaps for the first time in history, medical professionals and grocery store workers are placed on the same pedestal of essentiality.  Who woulda thought?! When you boil it down, what is and is not essential really depends on the needs ... read more
  • Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst
    One of the most common questions I hear seeks to know how bankruptcy clients pay for my services.  Most people assume that if someone is filing for bankruptcy they have no money.  And thus, they scratch their heads wondering how someone can simultaneously be out of money and pay for ... read more
  • What Can COVID Teach Us About Our Finances?
    With the swipe of a pen, Governor Murphy closed all non-essential businesses, putting tens of thousands of people out of work overnight, and forcing even essential businesses to close their doors due to extreme loss of revenue. While people anxiously wait for their stimulus checks and small business loans, landlords, banks and ... read more
  • To Be (Prepared) or Not To Be (Prepared)
    No one likes to think about their own mortality, but death is, unfortunately, an inevitable part of life.   But we don’t ordinarily spend a lot of time preparing for this event.  Most of us expect to live to a ripe old age, and so until we approach our “twilight years”, ... read more
  • COVID-19 May Be a Disaster, But Your Finances Don’t Have to Be
    corona Nice try, Ice Cube…. Don’t Count on It! Over the past few weeks, the lives of every American has drastically changed or been impacted by the Coronavirus, in one way or another.  Some of us ... read more
  • (Don’t Be) Out of Sight, Out of Mind
    For many professionals and entrepreneurs, word-of-mouth is the best source of referral business.  I know this is certainly true for me.  But, as much as I like receiving referrals, I like giving them, too. Giving referrals allows me to reciprocate to my colleagues, but I also know that my clients ... read more
  • The 10 Commandments of Modern Communication Etiquette
    email tiquette Over the years, I have developed effective communication practices, although to be honest, much of it was learned through trial and error.  Ask any of my clients today, however, and they’ll tell you how easy ... read more
  • There are Less Drastic Ways of Payin g Off Student Debt
    According to the credit reporting agency Experian, the total amount of outstanding student loans reached an all-time high in 2019, at $1.41 trillion, representing a 33% increase since 2014.  The average per-student debt has also risen, approaching  $40,000. See below. STUDENT LOANS IN 2019: A SNAPSHOT ... read more
  • Don’t Eat Your Way into the Poor House
    In my line of work, I have many occasions to sink my teeth into people’s bank statements, which invariably reveal their (bad) spending habits.  A common issue with my bankruptcy clients is that they devour much of their income eating out, ordering in, and convenience foods. While I understand the ... read more
  • It is estimated that the average federal tax refund in for 2019 will be between $2,000 and $3,000.  Unfortunately, this marks a downward trend in the average refund due to major tax reform in 2017.  Whatever your feelings may be about the current tax laws, get ready to make the ... read more
  • Keep an Extra $4,000 in your pocket this year
    Over the past 10 years, I have met with hundreds of bankruptcy clients.  While they each have a unique story, they also share many common problems and hefty overdraft fees is one of them.  Some banks charge as much as $35 per overdraft which means that a $5 coffee can end ... read more
  • New Year, New You, No Debt
    At the stroke of midnight on January 1st, a new year begins and with that comes promises of new opportunity. I’m not sure how the concept of new year’s resolutions got started, but invariably people commit to a host of goals (some realistic, some not) in an effort to improve ... read more
  • The “Santa” Tax
    The Holiday Season and Spending “The Santa Tax” = the price you pay for unplanned and overly generous gift-giving christmas-may-be-over-but-my-credit-card-debt-will-last-a-lifetime-jco It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Or is it? All too often, it’s also the most ... read more
  • Don’t Play Games with Your Future
    If you find yourself getting to the bottom of your bank account before you get to the end of the month, I can tell you three things about you without even knowing you: You spend about $100 or more on overdraft fees each month You’re regularly paying late fees ... read more
  • Improving Your Credit Begins With Financial Health
    The most common question I hear from clients during and after a bankruptcy filing, is “How can I improve my credit score?” While credit repair is not my are of expertise, and I cannot predict how many points your credit will be affected by any given method, I have learned ... read more